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I think I made a journal about this before, but I wanted to get a few things out while they are still fresh in my memory.

This time, its about foreign policy. People who criticize the US will twist things so that no matter what the US does, it gets blamed somehow. Trading with an unfree country? That's supporting an evil regime. So, if we aren't supposed to trade with them, we should impose trade sanctions. That's what its called when we don't trade with a country. Sanctions. But wait, now the leftists are accusing us of strangling that very same country with the measures they themselves endorsed. Why, those sanctions are starving innocent children, aren't they? That's what happens without trade in so many lands. Obviously, we cannot trade with them and not trade with them at the same time, so either way, the left wing will find something to get angry at.

And then there's Noam Chomsky. There are liars, and then there's this guy. A linguist by training, he's probably had less formal training in politics than I've had (I possess a Masters of Arts in political science), Chomsky makes many absurd claims. The worst of all is that he thinks we had an alliance with Nazi Germany and still ally with Nazi groups today. He says it in his insane book What Uncle Sam Really Wants.

Here are some helpful links:………… (an older article)…… (This is the big one)

The problem is how they think. They have come to the conclusion that the US is bad, simply because the US is rich and powerful. They assume that America's wealth must have come at the expense of other lands, rather than our own resources, hard work, innovation, ability to maintain internal stability, and well-crafted legal and governmental institutions. As much as the left wants to imagine that all ideologies and ways of life are "equal" (except for the ideologies which specifically offend their way of looking at the world), there is no question that certain ideologies produce different results. Traditional Islamic societies, for example, are at a permanent disadvantage due to their lack of interest-bearing banks and their lack of business arrangements which outlast the death of their founders. Same thing with the Chinese government officials of the 1890s who ordered railroad tracks to be torn up for fear of taking away peasant jobs, and disrupting the "harmonious" relationships as stated by Confucian ideology. Or, to criticize closer to home, how locking down whole industries in restrictive labor union arrangements (the ideology of unionism) leads to the decline of those industries. To put it bluntly, compare the ideologies of the state governments of Michigan and Texas and tell me that ideology makes no difference.

Instead of collecting evidence and using reason to come to a conclusion, the far-left starts with the conclusion and works its way backwards, looking for pieces of evidence to justify its preconceived notion. Whenever anything at all comes up which might make their views look true if you squint hard enough, they point an accusatory finger and yell "AHA!", as if that proves anything at all. John Green (Yes, the man who wrote that awful The Fault in Our Stars) is every bit as bad as Chomsky is, and may prove to be his web-savvy successor. The left is almost totally and completely blind to the good the US has done for the world since the Marshall Plan of the late 1940s.

No matter what else the US has done, three facts are clear. First, the US saved the world from tyranny three times in the 20th century alone: World War One, World War Two, and the Cold War. Second, the US more or less props up NATO. Without the US, the other NATO countries would have to massively increase defense spending, something they cannot do due to lack of political will and already over-taxed economies. Third, the US nuclear arsenal prevents unfriendly nuclear powers from threatening the rest of the world with their nuclear weapons. While a few other democracies have nukes as well, all of them combined wouldn't match the number of American nuclear weapons. We are, have been, and will continue to be the model for and arsenal of democracy.

Has America done wrong before? Yes. Are we making errors today? A few. Will we do bad things in the future? Almost certainly. None of this prevents us from being, on balance, a massive force for good in the world.


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