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* New information on commissions will be forthcoming soon enough, including paypal commissions. Point commissions will still be an option too, but only for some things *

If you are interested in a picture, contact me and we can work something out on a case-by-case basis. I'm not sure how much time I will have for commissioned pictures, picture requests, or collaborations. I intend to do some of those, however.

I also do writing commissions. If you want me to write a story, a piece done involving your OCs, or something else, please message me. I only accept point commissions, and at a reasonable rate of 100 points for 1000 words, with a 100 point minimum purchase. That means if you want 1000 words, it is 100 points, and if you want 2000 words, it is 200 points. If you want 3000 words, that is 300 points, and 4000 words, 400 points, and so on. These are point commissions only, so no cash is accepted or used, save to purchase the points yourself from DA first. This is a slight price change from an earlier journal, but it is still very reasonable.

Please make sure to tell me a bit about what you want me to write, the names of any characters you want to see, and please answer any questions I may have regarding the setting and characters, to ensure the final product is what you want. I don't do anime, manga, "hetalia", or anything adult rated. I reserve the right to politely decline any commission, if I have reason to believe it does not fit standards or has some other issues.

I can do science fiction as well as fantasy, or even non-fiction genres if you desire. Just make sure to send the points and I will have the piece done in a few days or in the case of longer pieces, a week or more. As a rule of thumb, I have enough time to write 1,000 to 1,500 words a day for commissions, depending on the subject matter. For exceptionally long pieces (100,000 + words), please send me a note and we will work out a point rate and time frame on a case-by-case basis.

For multiple-chapter works, I am open to negotiating a different price, Please ask if you have any questions. More information will be posted as it becomes available, including the possibility of discounts.

If you are interested, comment below or send me a note.

Anyone who watches me (and is on good terms with me) gets a free writing of up to 5000 words. Not once a year or a month, just one free writing ever. As before, I reserve the right to politely decline anything not in good taste. I also recently corrected an error in the pricing chart, in case there was any confusion.


Red Giant Star by Noguy
Red Giant Star
I don't like reusing media apart from props (like pebbles, torches, bubbles, etc), so this star is being put in scraps. It's the same red giant from earlier, but visible from a distance with slightly different colors. Unlike the first picture in which is appears, this one shows the complete star.
Red Giant Star by Noguy
Red Giant Star
Well, I thought people were getting tired of the same view of a star, so here's a red giant up close, with a hot, rocky planet in orbit close around it
Chloros Drake by Noguy
Chloros Drake
A close relative of the Verdant drake, the Chloros drake lives in forests and near beaches. This female is resting on a rock near the ocean (forgive any perspective issues that shadow causes!), and she is thinking about the sea and sky.
Thinking Drake Sketch by Noguy
Thinking Drake Sketch
I may edit out the foot in the background. It depends on what foreground I make for this.


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I'll just get this out of the way. I know it was an American production that was only legally owned by a Japanese company (Sony), and while this could just be coincidence...

The movie feels like an anime!!

(Spoilers below!)

I know that I have avoided using the word "feels like", as feelings about subjective things like the quality of a movie are, well, very opinion-based, but hear me out. While those of you who have spent any time watching me know that I hate anime and manga (despite a tiny number of good ones existing), I think there are some things you can all agree with me on about anime:

1. It used highly stylized scenes and heavily abuses cinematic time. In the Amazing Spider-Man 2, there are a number of scenes which do not look even remotely realistic, such as the scene with Electro in Times Square, or the fight against Electro at the power plant. That last scene looks very much like a video game, and a hopelessly unrealistic one at that. They aren't even trying to make it look like New York, or any real city, for that matter. And the "web hand" bit strains credulity. The scene was already dramatic enough without having to have the special effects scream "Hey everyone! Important, meaningful scene! You're supposed to think that this is dramatic!"

2. Anime and manga are prone to bipolar, even schizophrenic mood shifts. The same can be said with this movie. For one thing, we get a serious scene with Electro fighting Spider-Man in Times Square, which more or less ends with the silly appearance of Spider-Man in a fireman's helmet, which he wears over his costume. Later on, Electro's defeat at the power plant is quickly handled, things are happy, and then... see below. I will give them points for having the courage to kill Gwen Stacy, though.

3. Anime and manga have an awful sense of timing. In the Amazing Spider-man 2, the Green Goblin just leaps into the plot moments after Spider-Man defeats Electro. It's like the movie was a bad fanfiction writer who had wanted to kill Gwen Stacy, but forgot to to do three chapters earlier, so he threw in the Green Goblin just to make up for his bad timing.

4. Pointless subplots. I know that this isn't a problem unique to anime, but it really shows up a lot in those genres, often to pad out the schedule on TV. Everything involving Peter's parents in this movie is pointless. It has no serious effect on anything, and seems to exist only to add content to the movie, which would be too short otherwise. Same thing with the Rhino, who is barely in the film.

5. The pointless "Dark atmosphere." Anime uses this a lot to try to convince people that the situation is really much worse than it is, but the characters who have problems in the movie have many ways of getting out of them. Spider-Man comes off as whiny and acts powerless, despite getting most of what he wants in the movie until Gwen dies. Harry Osborn clearly can hold that illness at bay, considering that his goblin suit can do so, meaning that the engineers and doctors who built it can clearly implement whatever medical technologies are in the suit outside of it. Plus, they are ripping off Iron Man's schtick with his (former) need to have that arc reactor (which powered the suits) in his chest, a need which he lost in Iron Man 3.

6. But what bugs me the most, unbelievably, is just how hollow the movie feels. Anime and manga tend to skew in one of either two directions: hopelessly convoluted, or hopelessly shallow. That is, too many unneeded details, or not enough. In any event, even when there are too many details, anime lacks depth. Having unneeded details while giving few important ones is like having a very wide swimming pool that is only a few centimeters deep. It's like people who think they can make characters just because they can rattle off a list of adjectives about them, write a stereotyped and faux-dramatic past, and give them an "exotic" or "edgy" name. While the Amazing Spider-Man certainly has a lot of events in it, few of these really change the characters in any way, apart from those involving illness, injury, or death. Peter doesn't change a whole lot, few if any lessons are learned by anyone, and the movie doesn't so much end as it just... stops. They end with the Rhino about to fight Spider-Man and then, cut to the credits. Seriously, I could sum the movie up like this: Peter whines, Gwen dies, Harry goes nuts and is stopped, Electro also goes nuts and is stopped. 

P.S. I know this is a separate gripe, but in this movie. Electro really is turned into Dr. Manhattan, from DC's Watchmen. Ripoff. Plus, where did he get that new suit from, complete with the lightning symbol? They could have set it up earlier in the film, but they didn't. He just gets it... somehow.

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