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The interface looks different and considerably worse, in my opinion. The notices (feedback, group messages, etc) are now shoved all the way to the right and it is harder to see them. It's not impossible to work with, but I don't see the need for it. Anyone else have similar issues?
Reptilian Kobold by Noguy
Reptilian Kobold
This isn't my best work. I saved this from scraps because it would be easier for the viewers to compare this one to the Capcom-based pictures.
This is a very bad development for the MCU. The Civil War comic line was one of the worst, most convoluted, contradictory, badly-written, unclear, and most over-hyped crossovers to ever hit the marvel universe. This was way back in 2006. While a reboot of the Civil War in the comics is forthcoming... somehow... the fact that they are trying to adapt this piece of $hit to the big screen is a very bad thing indeed. Before I go any farther, here is some proof that this is actually going to be a thing:…

Long story short, the Marvel Civil War was a series of issues and tie-in stories which dealt with a fight between two factions of superheroes over the controversial superhuman registration act. This act, in story, was passed in order to control superheroes after a botched fight by a superhero team (the New Warriors) ended up killing a large number of people, include schoolchildren, due to a villain's wrongdoing. Iron Man takes the government's side and Captain America takes the anti-registration side. One of the major problems with the storyline is that the terms of what the Superhuman registration act is are inconsistent. Some issues and tie-ins make it optional for heroes to register, forcing them to retire from super-heroics is they refuse. Other issues give the impression that the act is some kind of superhero draft forcing them to fight. In the end, Iron Man wins despite losing the fight when Captain America turns himself in. It isn't very well-thought out.

Aside from the problems inherent to the Civil War storyline, the fact is that the MCU doesn't have enough heroes in it to really qualify as a Civil War. Even if they included EVERY hero, including the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and all of SHIELD (which is semi-defunct in the MCU at this point), it still wouldn't be very many heroes. Remember, Spider-Man, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four are all unavailable to the MCU, due to the movie rights belonging to Sony and Fox.

Now, if they were using this "Civil War" as some kind of excuse to reveal more heroes and thereby grow the MCU, it is a terrible, terrible way to go about it. Dozens of heroes would have to be introduced at once, with very little time to develop any of them. Furthermore, the depictions of the heroes in Civil War is likely to make people think Iron Man is a fascist and that Captain America is some sorta fanatic, even a terrorist. It will likely alienate a lot of fans. The idea is already sparking an internet backdraft, and I'm joining it. If enough people get mad about this, it may force the studios to reconsider, or at the very least, to keep this "Civil War" baloney limited to Captain America 3 and infect nothing else.

I leave you with a video which encapsulates my reaction to this, courtesy of Doug Walker, the Nostalgia Critic.

Arvensa Political Map by Noguy
Arvensa Political Map
The political map without underlying geography or names for the provinces.
Arvensa (Political Map) by Noguy
Arvensa (Political Map)
Here is the map of Arvensa, and an explanation about it. Arvensa is an island kingdom located on Other Earth, the same planet as the Dracon Lands. It is about the size of Italy, and has a similar climate.

2000 years ago, Echinatus, a great red dragon went into hibernation underneath an island in the center of what would one day become Arvensa, to wake two millennia in the future. He was a representative of an ancient and otherwise extinct dragon clan, and he alone was in possession of that clan's last artifacts. Among these were ancient tomes of irreplaceable history, many unique magical items, and a tremendous amount of gold.

About 1500 years ago, a fleet of goblins arrived on the islands, fleeing a long-forgotten war. Within 500 years, they had spread and multiplied. As the islands had no native civilizations or sentient beings, there was nothing to stop the goblins from rapidly taking over. They split into dozens, then hundreds, of tribes. They were various shades of green, standing only about three to three and a half feet tall at most. Most came armed with crude stone or badly-made iron weapons. Their fleet of rafts and canoes had been part of a larger navy from had been sailing from the west to the east, but apart from this fact, all records on their origins have been lost.

Approximately 1000 years ago, the goblins began building cities, although none of them were as large as the largest built by humans, dracons, dwarves, or elves in others lands. Instead, the goblins mostly lived in thousands of villages. They worked as farmers, fishers, hunters, herders, and other rustic professions. Their technology level was crude and advanced little in the centuries they lived in Arvensa. They had mines, smithies, and some crude weapons, but otherwise were not an advanced species. Literacy was rare and limited to the shamans, construction was generally limited to straw and wood: stone buildings were almost unheard of and materials such as concrete or brick were totally unknown.

Almost 500 years ago to the day, Echinatus awoke. He was quite surprised to find that the once-empty islands were now filled with goblins. Being easily the most powerful being for thousands of miles around, the great wyrm quickly established his dominance over the islands. Finding that every tribe, city, and petty little locality was an independent realm unto itself, Ecinatus quickly wove the many regions together to form a coherent kingdom, with himself on top.

Every goblin tribe in Arvensa has its own chief. This applies to villages in the countryside (with one tribe per village), or to neighborhoods in the cities, with each tribe being given its own residential neighborhood. Every province (shown on the map in different colors) has its own districts, and each district has a high chief in charge. These districts are determined by geography and by which tribes get alone with each other in a given area. The high chiefs report to the goblin in charge of the province, who is known as a king. The kings all report to Echinatus himself, who has taken for himself the title of High King. The dragon rules over his own personal province, Nesia, as both the local king and the high king of all the realms. 

Goblin cities (which shall be added later) are run by individuals known as lords. These goblin lords either report to their local king, or to Echinatus, if he has deemed a city important enough to be worth his direct rule. In this second case, the city's lord is appointed directly by the High King. If the city isn't that important, it has its own hereditary ruling family, much like the other goblin offices.

Under Echinatus' rulership, Arvensa has undertaken foreign trade, but the vast distances involved and the paucity of exportable goods produced by the goblins has made this difficult. It also doesn't help that apart from a tiny ruling elite, very few goblins want to buy foreign products. For most denizens of Arvensa, life goes on as it has for the last 2000 years: a mostly quiet existence in a rural village.


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The interface looks different and considerably worse, in my opinion. The notices (feedback, group messages, etc) are now shoved all the way to the right and it is harder to see them. It's not impossible to work with, but I don't see the need for it. Anyone else have similar issues?


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If you are interested in a picture, contact me and we can work something out on a case-by-case basis. I'm not sure how much time I will have for commissioned pictures, picture requests, or collaborations. I intend to do some of those, however.

I also do writing commissions. If you want me to write a story, a piece done involving your OCs, or something else, please message me. I only accept point commissions, and at a reasonable rate of 10 points for 1000 words, with a 10 point minimum purchase. That means if you want 1000 words, it is 10 points, and if you want 2000 words, it is 20 points. If you want 3000 words, that is 30 points, and 4000 words, 40 points, and so on. These are point commissions only, so no cash is accepted or used, save to purchase the points yourself from DA first. This is a slight price change from an earlier journal, but it is still very reasonable.

Please make sure to tell me a bit about what you want me to write, the names of any characters you want to see, and please answer any questions I may have regarding the setting and characters, to ensure the final product is what you want. I don't do anime, manga, "hetalia", or anything adult rated. I reserve the right to politely decline any commission, if I have reason to believe it does not fit standards or has some other issues.

I can do science fiction as well as fantasy, or even non-fiction genres if you desire. Just make sure to send the points and I will have the piece done in a few days or in the case of longer pieces, a week or more. As a rule of thumb, I have enough time to write 1,000 to 1,500 words a day for commissions, depending on the subject matter. For exceptionally long pieces (100,000 + words), please send me a note and we will work out a point rate and time frame on a case-by-case basis.

For multiple-chapter works, I am open to negotiating a different price, Please ask if you have any questions. More information will be posted as it becomes available, including the possibility of discounts.

If you are interested, comment below or send me a note.

Anyone who watches me (and is on good terms with me) gets a free writing of up to 5000 words. Not once a year or a month, just one free writing. As before, I reserve the right to politely decline anything not in good taste.

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